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Да, сегодня пятница, поэтому этот пост не такой серьезный, как обычно. Мы не смогли пройти мимо этого архитектурного видео-клипа. Очень хочется, чтобы вы тоже порадовались, какие мы крутые - архитекторы :)

Итак, всем архитекторам и студентам-архитекторам посвящается этот музыкальный шедевр:

"I'm an ARCHITECT" (Я - архитектор).

Текст на английском:

I am an Architect (LYRICS)

"Yo, Where my red lines at?" I picture Frank Lloyd Wright, while you think I'm Mike Brady And engineers devour our work and call us crazy We got rounded specs, but they ain't for looks It's from staring at our screens and all those history books We turn an empty space, into a world of possibility Maintaining privacy, and tranquility Graduate from school, about to change the world, But I'm stuck designing thrones with a clockwise swirl CHORUS We're architects oh! With creative flair Re-designing the world, from buildings to chairs It's a daily grind, but we love what we do A satisfying job giving you a better view Lord of the Elmer's, and king of scraps Making models our of paper, and plastic bottle caps I'm a master of BIM, making lines with dashes, Except I'll lose my mind, if Revit *bleep* crashes GREEN is gold, and LEED is big, Know the golden triangle, and learn your trig Challenge the formula, push the envelope, Put more glazing over here. That looks really dope! CHORUS Crank the A/C in the office just to stay awake, Espresso and Red Bull till I got a stomach ache. With our cotton blazers high, we have a sense of style, But to the rest of the world we just point and smile I read code books, while I'm on vacation Take pictures of, my latest creation We wear black and gray, with no logos on our threads So many sleepless nights we're like the walking dead CHORUS Got so many scales, myswell (might as well) call me a fish Does your lawn look boring? I'll design you a dish Starchitects, no!, call them Hollywood actors, Cause they can't deal with general contractors Spec book wasn't clear so I got these RFI's Clients making changes that we all despise. We got better FORM, than Jordan's jump shot And designs that function like a million dollar yacht. CHORUS I'm an architect, "Oh you mean like Ted Mosby?"
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